Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Things to do over the Holidays

As the holidays approach, parents often wonder what to do. How do they occupy their children on holiday? How do they keep their children strong academically without losing the momentum of the first half of the year? Here is some advice for literacy and writing:

Those movies they LOVE? Those movies all have books with MORE details, all the missing secrets that the movie-makers could not squeeze in. Can your child FIND those hidden moments? Read with them to do so.

If they like the computer, look for forums or writing groups. There are many places where they can post things they write and get quick feedback, interest, and comments. Let them write in their fandom, explore things they would never get to in class.

You could also easily have them start their own blog. Blogs are a great outlet for so many things, and they can write whatever they please on their own blog. ( or though this one you must monitor or help them set up)

Check out your local library. They often have age-appropriate programs.

Or volunteer at either an seniors' residence or the children's hospital where your child can read out loud to a patient or several. This form of practice is also a way to build both community and character.

Have a wonderful and happy holidays.